Church officers and Deaconesses

Westminster Church is committed to a Presbyterian system of church government. This means that the congregation elects their leaders, who then make decisions about the vision, ministries, finances, and life of the church. In a Presbyterian system of government, there are two ordained offices that have authority to lead the ministry of the church: elders and deacons.


The elders form the governing board of the church, called the Session. The elders are all elected by the congregation and called to shepherd the members of Westminster. The Session is made up of teaching elders, whom we typically identify as pastors and whose primary role is the teaching ministry of the Word, and ruling elders, whose primary role is shepherding care and providing leadership to the mission and ministries of the church. 

The elders lead and serve on the following committees and each committee consists of men and women of WPC. 

Soule, Andrew

Andrew Soule

Ressler, Jim

Jim Ressler

Sidebothom, Tim

Tim Sidebothom

Rogers, Paul

Paul Rogers

Dave Miller

David Miller

Waldo, Jason

Jason Waldo


Dana Ormerod

Seldomridge, Kim

Kim Seldomridge

Brooks, Lee

Lee Brooks

Bob Hivner

Bob Hivner

Michael Mante

Michael Mante

John Mwaura 2

John Mwaura

Hunt, Kyle

Kyle Hunt

Conner, Eric

Eric Conner
Clerk of Session

Helms, Dave

Dave Helms

Ziegler, Bill

Bill Ziegler

John Barry

John Barry

Dan Rogers

Dan Rogers

Mark Thudium_ppSteel

Mark Thudium

Williams, Todd

Todd Williams

Patrick Rohal

Patrick Rohal

Barrall, Ben (Crop for Web)

Ben Barrall


Besides ruling elders and teaching elders, there are ordained deacons who have a ministry of practical service and mercy tasks within the church. The ordained offices are open to men only, consistent with I Timothy 2 & 3.

Ritenour, Ben

Ben Ritenour
Head Deacon

Caddick, Jeff

Jeff Caddick

John Davies

John Davies


Adam Grim

Heisey, Bob

Robert Heisey

High, Jason

Jason High

Seth Johnston

Seth Johnston

Moses, Mark

Mark Moses

Newhard, Dan

Dan Newhard

Oosting, Jim

Jim Oosting

Steve Poole

Kevin Reed

Kevin Reed

Ressler 3 (2)

Bryce Ressler


Barry Roberts

Ronald Runk

Ron Runk

Stiles, Ben

Ben Stiles

Ed Vander Bush

Mike Zappitella


In accordance with 1 Timothy 2 and 3, Westminster believes God’s Word calls men to fill these ordained roles of elder and deacon. However, there are many other significant leadership and ministry roles that women fill at Westminster. In addition to the ministry and staff positions that women fill, Westminster’s congregation elects a non-ordained board of deaconesses who assist the deacons in practical ministry of the church.

Karen Winters

Sue Anderson

Shelley Armstrong

Bower, Lois

Lois Bower

Boyer, Carol

Carol Boyer

Judy Brearly

Deb Butterworth

Deb Chapin

Davis, Esther

Esther Davis

Carol Dolan

Katie Edwards

Sharon Ellison

Nancy Farmer

Dawn Fortna

Linda Gillingham

Barb Heisey

Jen Helms

Lynn Hivner

Lynn Hivner

Becky Irvine

Diane La Belle

Amy Ormerod

Naomi Rizzuti

Ann Marie Teply

Michelle Thudium

Marilyn Winpenny

Patty Ziegler