July 22-25, 2024

9AM – Noon

For children age 5 – completed 6 grade 

Follow in Joshua’s footsteps to join God’s team and run the race of faith!

Coaches, assistant coaches and many support staff are needed. Volunteer needs are as follows:

  • Classroom teachers
  • Classroom Helpers
  • Registration
  • Bible Storyteller
  • Crafts Helper
  • Scenery/Props/Artwork
  • Decorating
  • Kitchen
  • Thursday Lunch Helper
  • Nursery
  • Recreation
  • Special Needs
  • Music Team
  • Photographer
  • Greeter
  • Floater
  • Set-Up
  • Tear-Down

And more!

All Staff Meeting


if you were unable to attend the VBS all-staff meeting, please pick up your information packet and t-shirt in the back hallway TODAY.

Set-up for VBS is Sunday, July 23, after the 11:00 am service. Many hands are needed to move furniture, set up scenery, hang signs, and decorate!

Pray for VBS

Pray for VBS! Our goal is to have Vacation Bible School covered in prayer from 8:30 am–12:15 pm on each of the four days of VBS (July 24-27). Sign up online for one or more 15-minute timeslots.



Keep our energetic Sea Explorers hale and hardy! Due to severe peanut allergies, please donate only the specific snack items listed below. Bring items clearly marked “VBS” to the the Gathering Space and place them in the labeled bins.
Thank you for supporting VBS in this way!

Original & Vanilla Oreos

Nabisco original chocolate chip

Pepperidge Farms Goldfish (original, cheese, extra cheddar, pretzel, pizza, & parmesan)

Pringles chips

Snack Factory Pretzel Chips (original/everything flavors)

Giant brand Traditional Blend Snack Mix or General Mills Chex Mix

Nabisco Wheat Thins

Fruit Snacks/Gummies

Tom Sturgis and Utz pretzels

Doritos and Fritos


Snack donations for the VBS Squadron Leaders can be dropped off on Sunday, July 23, through Wednesday, July 26, in the main kitchen on the stainless steel counters clearly marked “VBS”.

Due to allergies, please avoid items with nuts and processed with nuts. Thank you for supporting our VBS volunteers!



Uncut Watermelon

Uncut Cantaloupe

Prepackaged Donuts (i.e. Hostess, Entenmann’s)


Spreadable Cream Cheese