Congregational Meeting

Per Westminster’s bylaws, the annual Congregational Meeting will take place on February 5, 2023, at 3 pm. Childcare will be available during the meeting.

These Westminster members are nominated to serve in the following offices for 3-year terms (*first time serving, ordained/installed if elected):

Ruling Elder: *Ben Barrall, Lee Brooks, Dave Helms, Kyle Hunt, Dana Ormerod, Patrick Rohal, Kim Seldomridge, Andrew Soule

Deacon: *Adam Grim, Seth Johnston, *Mark Moses, Bryce Ressler, Ron Runk, Ed Vander Bush, Mike Zappitella

These Westminster members are nominated to serve as deaconesses for 3-year terms (*first time serving, installed if elected):

Deaconess: Shelley Armstrong, *Carol Boyer, *Deb Butterworth, Nancy Farmer, Dawn Fortna, Linda Gillingham, *Barb Heisey, *Jen Helms, Diane La Belle, *Amy Ormerod, *Anne Marie Teply, Marilyn Winpenny, Patty Ziegler

A booklet with names and testimonies of the candidates is available at the kiosk. Please take one per family.

During the meeting, Session will present a motion to approve Westminster’s amended Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to be restated with the state in accordance with good corporate law practice. A summary of the changes to these documents is available at The amendment and summary documents are available at the Information Counter. Contact Session Clerk Eric Conner ( with any questions.

Children’s Activities and Nursery: At 3 pm, activities and a light snack will be provided for children in K–Grade 6 in the gym and 4- and 5-year-olds in Room 121. A nursery for infants to age 3 is provided in Room 111. Please register children below or indicate on your connect card the number of children (with ages or grades) we can expect. Volunteers needed! You will still have an opportunity to vote. Contact Mary Jo Rizzo ( or Cynthia Mante ( to volunteer in the nursery.