Fall Sunday School Electives

September, October, November 2023

Fall quarter begins September 3, 2023

1. New Members Class – Room 103 Begins September 10

This ten-week class is offered twice annually to present a broad introduction to church membership and the history, doctrines, and community of Westminster Presbyterian Church. We ask anyone interested in becoming a member of Westminster to take this class, regardless of previous church background. During this class you will have the opportunity to interview with a pastor and elders to give your testimony of faith in Christ and to join the church. You may also take the class for your own interest, without obligation.

Teacher: Dr. Chris Walker, Dr. John Light, & Elder Rick Anderson

2. Sanctity of Life in a Post-Roe World – Room LL1

In this Sunday School we will explore what it means to be advocates and champions for the sanctity of life. We will cover all areas of the sanctity of life, including abortion, end of life issues, adoption, fetal experimentation, eugenics, post abortion care, and more. We want to equip you to dig into what the Bible says about life and what we can do to make a difference.

Teachers: Dr. York, Dr. Kieffer, Elder Jeff Trimbath, Mrs. Johanna Rogers, Mrs. Lexi Sneller, & others

3. Machen’s Christianity and Liberalism – Room 148 (Reformation Room)

This class will utilize a DVD by Dr. Stephen J. Nichols, president of Reformed Bible College. The program discusses J. Gresham Machen’s classic 1923 book “Christianity and Liberalism.” Dr. Machen, when forced out of Princeton Theological Seminary, founded Westminster Seminary and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. A century later, the influence of liberalism in the church has metastasized to the point of spiritual death. Each chapter of the book will be discussed by Dr. Nichols and its application for today will be emphasized.

There will be time for questions, comments, and additional insights from the teacher.

Recommended Book: Christianity and Liberalism, J. Gersham Machen, 1923.

Teacher: Mr. Larry Woodruff

4. Romans 8-11 – Room LL9

We will continue our study of Romans 8 and learn of all the ways the Holy Spirit sets us free from the power of sin. In Romans 9-11, we will study the doctrine of election. When properly understood, the doctrine of election makes us humble, assured of our salvation, and motivated for evangelism and missions.

Teacher: Rev. Steve Kline

Recommended Books: The Mortification of Sin by John Owen Translated and Adapted into Modern English by Aaron M. Renn and Spiritual Mindedness by John Owen Abridged and Made Easy to Read by R.J.K. Law.

5. Officer and Leadership Training – Room 117

This class is required for those newly nominated to the offices of ruling elder, deacon, or deaconess. It is open to anyone interested in standards for spiritual leadership in doctrinal and practical issues.

Teachers: Dr. Tucker York, Dr. Chris Walker, Dr. John Light & others

6. Two Kings and Two Kingdoms: The Book of Esther – Room LL11-13

Pilgrims in Progress All are welcome to attend.   

Esther takes place in a pagan, materialistic setting in which God is never named.  Sound familiar? Esther opens with temporal King Ahasuerus pompously displaying his wealth and presumed power, but as the narrative develops, the Unseen Eternal King providentially orchestrates events, particularly through Esther and Mordecai, showing who the Supreme Ruler truly is. All are welcome to marvel at God’s triumph.

Teacher: Mr. Ken Rizzuti

7. Helping Our Children View Their World – Room 126

Homebuilders All are welcome to attend.     

In a time when families have options for the education of their children, it is important to understand the influence of a worldview. The development of a biblical worldview is ultimately the responsibility of their parents, whether the children are in a public school, a Christian school, or a homeschool. This class will review elements of a worldview, examine these elements from a biblical perspective, and offer examples of conflicts that students may encounter. 

Teachers: Dr. Penny Clawson & Dr. David Kieffer

8. Unsung Heroes of the Bible – Room LL2

 Young Adults All are welcome to attend.     

Join us each week as we read the stories of various men and women of Scripture who accomplished great things for the Lord, but aren’t as well known to believers. We’ll be looking at each character’s surrounding context, the results of their faithful actions, their connection to or foreshadowing of Christ, and what lessons we can take away from them.

Teachers: Miss. Alissa Robinson, Mr. Chase Reed, and various Ruling Elders