Spring Sunday School Electives

March, April, May 2023

Spring quarter begins March 12, 2023

1. New Members Class – Room 126

This ten-week class is offered twice annually to present a broad introduction to church membership and the history, doctrines, and community of Westminster Presbyterian Church. We ask anyone interested in becoming a member of Westminster to take this class, regardless of previous church background. During this class you will have the opportunity to interview with a pastor and elders to give your testimony of faith in Christ and to join the church. You may also take the class for your own interest, without obligation.

Teachers: Dr. Chris Walker, Dr. John Light & Elder Rick Anderson

2. Praises for the King of Kings – Reformation Room (148)

Come join us for a study of several select psalms. Learn why Psalm 1 was selected as the very first psalm, and why Psalm 1 & 2 are described as “the two poetic pillars that escort the reader into the temple of the Book of Psalms.” Learn why the truths of Psalm 1 & 2 are foundational for the Christian’s walk in a fallen world. Learn also how the Psalms predict both the sufferings and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ as he claimed. This class will be recorded weekly.

Teacher: Rev. David Dykstra

3. Westminster Confession of Faith Study, Part 4 – Room LL1

This class continues to study the Westminster Confession of Faith, the stellar achievement of the English Reformation which concisely distills biblical truth in succinct, theologically rich statements touching on major areas of faith and practice. Using Williamson’s classic study guide as our road map through the Confession, our doctrinal study will explore timeless, life changing biblical truths that are both profoundly beautiful and intensely practical.

Teachers: Dr. Barry Cureton, Rev. Frank Coho, Elders Mark Bleecker & Michael Mante

Book: The Westminster Confession of Faith for Study Classes by  G. I. Williamson, available in class for $13.

4. Romans 6–8 – Room LL9

Have you ever been puzzled by Paul’s teaching that “you have died to sin”? Are you afraid that you have not died to sin because you still have a great struggle with sin? If we have been freed from sin, why does Paul say that he still serves the law of sin? How does the Holy Spirit set us free from the law of sin? These are the questions that are answered in Romans 6–8. We will go rapidly through Romans 1–5 and then spend the bulk of our time in chapters 6, 7 and 8.

Teacher: Rev. Steve Kline

5. Finding Your Place in God’s Global Mission – Room LL5

The Lord of the Harvest is looking for people of faith to serve locally, go to foreign lands, be generous supporters, be faithful prayer warriors, and more. Join us for this introduction to discerning God’s direction for your life in taking part in His Global Mission to reach the nations for Christ.

Teacher: Dr. Tucker York

Optional book: You Are Sent by Nathan Sloan

6. Passing the Faith to the Next Generation – Room LL11–13

Homebuilders               All are welcome to attend.     

With the support of the Church, God has entrusted Christian parents with the responsibility to pass on the faith once delivered to them to their children. Parents are to set a godly example, to pray with and for their children, to teach the doctrines of our holy religion, and to strive to bring their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. This class will provide parents with tools to discuss the Bible with their children, memorize scripture, and explain the doctrines of our faith.  

Teachers: Dr. Dave Kieffer, Elder Paul Rogers, & others

Book: Westminster Confession of Faith Shorter Catechism, PCA Edition, available in class for $13

New City Catechism for Kids, available in class for $1

7. Marriage Realities: Building and Re-Building – Room LL4

Women’s Class

Marriage…whether you may be considering the possibility, hitting normal snags, struggling deeply, or simply wondering how to keep a good thing going…life’s closest of relationships always needs biblical clarity and strengthening! We will look at God’s designs and guidelines, identify contemporary cultural influences, and examine both good and not-so-good marriages seen in Scripture. Class participants will also help select discussion topics.

Teacher: Dr. Joan McConnell

8. The Praying Life – Room 210

Young Adults                          All are welcome to attend.   

For many of us, prayer is possibly the most difficult of all spiritual disciplines. It is the primary way to communicate to God, yet many of us are not consistent in prayer. This quarter, we will be looking at prayer using the wonderful book A Praying Life, focusing on the practical and theological benefits of a dedicated and persistent prayer life.  

Teachers: Mr. Zach Fiol & Miss Alissa Robinson

Book: A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller, available in class for $13