Winter Sunday School Electives

December 2023, January 2023, February 2024

Winter Quarter Begins on December 3.

**PLEASE NOTE: On December 24, there will be no Sunday School.**

1. Hebrews

Room LL11-13

Hebrews was written to remind believers to persevere under cultural pressures, keeping their eyes fixed on Jesus who made a final sacrifice for sins and presents us worthy before the throne of God. In our world of many distractions, we need this message to run our race and finish well for His glory. Join us as we encourage one another on our journey.

Teacher: Dr. Tucker York

2. Basics of the Christian Life (Sinclair Ferguson Video Series)

Room LL9

This class is suitable for non-believers and newer Christians, but also as a review for believers at any stage of Christian faith. Dr. Ferguson is one of the finest living Bible teachers.

Lessons:  Becoming a Christian, Being a Christian, Belonging to the Church, God’s Word, Prayer, Baptism, The Lord’s Supper, Facing the Enemy, Knowing God’s Will, Enduring Hardship, Christian Witness, Persevering to the End.

Teacher: Dr. Michael Rogers

3. Christians Exiled in Babylon…Really?!

Reformation Room

This study is an invitation to biblically consider “exiles living in Babylon” as a meaningful and helpful metaphor for us today. How do we live as a minority in a majority culture that is increasingly pagan? What is the attitude, mindset, and heart-set required for living as exiles? We have lots of questions and lots of work to do.

Teacher: Rev. Keith Greer

4. Jeremiah 1-25 (Part 1)

Room LL1

Pilgrims in Progress                                                                                         All are welcome to attend.

This class will begin with an overview of the entire book of Jeremiah and a look at Jeremiah and his times. Following that, we will trace the argument of the first 25 chapters, concentrating on the following themes: true versus false prophets, the One True God vs. idols, Yahweh’s case against his people and the promise of judgment, the nation’s response, some extended looks at Jeremiah’s laments to God and God’s responses, the root issue of disabling sin, and we’ll conclude with a look at God’s solution to the dilemma in the person and work of the final Davidic King, Jesus Christ.

Teacher: Mr. Alan Gibble

5. Counseling Our Children

Room 126

Homebuilders                                                                                                  All are welcome to attend.

Our children face challenges and opportunities daily. Whether we realize it or not, they are being counseled constantly. They learn what to think, believe, and value from the behaviors, attitudes, and interpretations of those closest to them. God calls Christian parents to be their kids’ most influential counselors, but many feel poorly equipped for the task. Learn from experienced parents and pastors as we discuss and apply a biblical counseling model focused on the family context.

Teacher: Dr. Dave Kieffer, Dr. Barry Cureton, & others

6. Prayer According to the Scriptures

Room 210

Young Adults                                                                                        All are welcome to attend.

Every follower of Christ is called to pray. Although each person has different habits for their prayer life, every believer can learn something about prayer by returning to the Bible’s many notable passages on the subject. This class will cover what prayer is according to God’s Word by learning from the many examples in both the Old and New Testament.    

Teachers: Mr. Chase Reed, Various Ruling Elders, & others