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What is griefshare?

The death of a spouse, child, family member or friend can bring profound grief that is often accompanied by hard questions and new, difficult situations. Many people feel isolated as those around them do not understand their deep pain or what they are going through. GriefShare is a time-proven program that helps people move toward rebuilding their life, a journey that at first seems difficult if not impossible.

GriefShare is a faith-based program led by caring lay-people who understand what grief can be because they have lived it. GriefShare provides a safe place where participants can, without forgetting their loved one, learn how to live and grow beyond loss. Each session includes a video featuring top experts on grief recovery subjects, followed by an opportunity to discuss personal experiences in a small group setting.

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Helping Those Who Are Grieving

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There is no cost for “Surviving the Holidays” – a modest donation to help cover expenses will be appreciated.

The cost for the 13-Week GriefShare program is $25. *Scholarships are available

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