2023 MissionS Conference

March 1–5, 2023

Were you moved to be more engaged in missions following our missions conference? If so, Great Commission would love to know of your interest. 

Missions Conference Offering

In keeping with this year’s conference theme, The Word for A Starving World, the 2023 conference offering aims to meet physical and spiritual needs, with two-thirds going to Kibera Reformed Presbyterian Church (KRPC) for a new boys’ shelter and one-third going to Bible translation projects.

KRPC, pastored by Imbumi Makuku, is in the heart of the Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. The construction of a boys’ shelter has been a long-time dream for their property outside of the slum, which currently houses a girls’ shelter. KRPC ministers in a challenging environment where they encounter children that need immediate attention and rescue from violence, abuse, and gang recruitment. In addition to being a safe haven from physical harm, the shelter will serve as a place for emotional healing and discipleship.

Colleagues of Josiah and Miriam have just completed translation of the New Testament in Makori* (true name of this African language withheld). By God’s grace and through many obstacles, this work was completed over 25 years. Funds will be used to prepare an audio recording of the NT, to make it available to the many illiterate speakers of the Makori language.

Bible Visuals International is partnering with a Lebanon-based publisher to create Arabic translations of BVI’s resources. Funding will be used to pay the translation/layout team so the work can abundantly support the evangelism and discipleship of children in the Arabic-speaking world.

Missions & Me

This year’s Mission Conference theme is, The Word for a Starving World based on Mark 6:34, 41-42. As the children watch the videos and work through the Missions & Me book, they will meet missionaries and ministry partners that we support and learn how we can meet practical needs, like providing food for the hungry, while meeting spiritual needs by helping people read God’s Word in their own language. Come and check out the Missions & Me display in the front hallway January 29!