2024 MissionS Conference

February 28– March 3 2024

Missions Conference Keynote Speaker & Offering

Our 2024 keynote speaker is Brother Philip, founder and director of Streams of Living Water. The Missions Conference offering will be split equally between Streams of Living Water’s general fund and production costs for Christian video programs in North Africa.

Streams of Living Water

Since 1984, Brother Philip has served the Lord as a missionary in Sudan and northern Africa. In this time, he has ministered to tens of thousands of Africans and sent out thousands of Christian workers.

After founding Streams of Living Water in 1991—whose mission is to recruit, train, and send believers from the Middle East and North Africa to reach least-accessed people groups in the Arab world for Christ—Brother Philip went on to establish multiple medical clinics and orphanages, a Christian bookstore, a vocational training boarding school, and several indigenously run regular leadership training programs.

In 2008, he founded the Tyrannus Missionary School, the first missionary school of its kind in Sudan, which now has 10 locations across North Africa and the Middle East, with more schools expected in the coming year. He has commissioned over 300 missionaries. The House of Hope orphanage, established in 2011 in South Sudan, is now home to 46 girls.

In 2013 the Impact School was begun to train Egyptians for missionary service. Approximately 45 Egyptian missionaries are now serving in over 13 countries around the world.

Brother Philip has two children with his wife, Vicki. He is invited to speak at conferences, mission retreats, and leadership seminars around the world. As our keynote speaker, He will provide an overview of Streams’ ministry at the Mission Fare and preach at both morning worship services.

Christian Video Programs

WPC ministry partners have a 2024 goal of producing seven new video series for a sensitive people group in North Africa, where media, TV, radio, and social networks are the only sources for Christian reach. These programs serve to teach and encourage believers in their faith, because many cannot gather due to government interference. Others are evangelistic, meant to reach Muslim communities by explaining the Christian faith, that many may find the truth in Jesus, their Lord and Savior. These programs will be a great blessing for North African communities in search of living water in a dry and thirsty land.

Missionary Hosts

Host families are needed during our Missions Conference, February 27–March 3. Most needs are for a 1–3 night stay, but we do have a few missionaries that attend the whole conference. Your hospitality is greatly appreciated! Please fill out the Missionary Host Form below or email Rachel Bleecker ([email protected]).

Missions Conference Volunteers

Mission Fare volunteers are needed to help with restocking food, room monitoring and  clean-up                                                                  (kitchen, plus table and chair tear down—men and teens are especially needed) on Saturday, March 2. Many hands make light work! Please see a list of needs and sign up for a shift below. Contact Rachel Bleecker with questions.

Missions & Me

This year’s theme is Living Water for a Dry and Thirsty Land. Join our team four scientists, one intern, and a lab rat who are tasked by Director Boss to discover and spread LIVING WATER over all the earth! Children in Kindergarten through 6th grade will meet ministry partners who distribute this Living Water in the dry and thirsty land where they serve. Families can “Learn More” together to explore Joh 4:7-15 and other Scripture verses and what Jesus means when he says, “…whoever drinks of the water that I give him will never be thirsty again” (John 4:14a). Put on your lab coats, gather your test tubes (and a Bible), and let’s discover this Living Water!