Sunday School

Sunday School

Summer 2024 CLASSES — SUNDAY 9:30 AM

More than 300 adults participate in our 9:30 AM Sunday school classes which change quarterly and are primarily on an elective basis, open to all ages. Classes study Bible books, doctrinal themes, practical Christian living, church and society, subjects catered to newer believers, Christian history, biography, men’s and women’s topics, and more. We are blessed with capable teachers. There are usually at least 5-10 options each quarter.

Please register at the beginning of each quarter:

Winter — December-February
Spring — March-May
Summer — June-August
Fall — September-November

We encourage people to sign up for Sunday School classes each quarter. Room assignments will be added to Class Electives before the start of classes. Newcomers and visitors are welcome to come any time.

Sunday School contact: Kirsten Brandon at [email protected] or 717-569-2151

Membership Class

Registration will be available in February of 2024.


Westminster Presbyterian Church believes that becoming a member of a local church is the biblical pattern for all believers. If you attend Westminster for worship, we encourage you to consider becoming a member.
When you seek membership in a local church, you publicly profess your faith in Christ, join a local congregation of the body of Christ for worship, fellowship, and ministry, and submit to shepherding care and accountability from the elders of our church. If you would like to become a member of Westminster, elders from our church look forward to hearing how God has worked in your life to bring you to faith in Jesus. Members must also be baptized, either at the time of becoming a member or in the past.
We hold 10-week membership classes in our Adult Sunday School Class at 9:30 AM, twice a year. These classes run from the first week of March to the end of May, and again from the first week of September to the end of November. Attendance is required of all potential members.
Our youth have a separate membership process beginning in seventh grade. In the fall, students go through a class reviewing what we believe, and in the winter, students attend a brief class discussing practical questions of joining a church and living as followers of Christ. At the end of the class, students may confess Christ publicly and become members of the church if the elders feel they have given a credible testimony of their personal faith.

Currently, Westminster has approximately 1,250 members. If you are new to the area or looking to be part of a church, we look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you into our congregation!

Membership contact: Kris Martin at [email protected] or 717-569-2151

After registering, you will receive a LOG-IN password for your Membership information. Membership content will be available at and on the Westminster App. Please download the Westminster App and for a overview of our App, visit

Current class recordings


See our Archives page for Audio and Video of present and past classes.
See our Resource page for a collection of books, media and websites.