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Westminster Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America located in Lancaster, PA. We exist to proclaim the good news of faith in Christ. We worship every Sunday at 8:00am and 11am. For more information please read Our Core Values.

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Refugees Friends Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner

On Saturday, November 21st, about 100 refugees and Westminster members enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner in the activity room at church. We had traditional American Thanksgiving food and specialties from several of the six foreign countries represented.

A number of refugees told stories of the challenges and dangers they faced in coming to America. We all admired their courage and thanked God for his protection in bringing them safely to Lancaster. We played some word games and gave out prizes to the refugee who knew the most languages (nine), had the most children (also nine), and had been in the most countries (two of our friends had been in ten). We also had prizes for answering Thanksgiving-related questions.

Most of our friends went home with new hats, mittens and scarfs, knitted by women in our church. They were very thankful for those wonderful gifts.

Jim Casler led the group in singing "Great is Thy Faithfulness" and in teaching the American patriotic songs, "This Land is Your Land" and "God Bless America". We closed the evening by singing a moving version of "How Great Thou Art", with the refrain after each verse in a different language: Burmese, Nepali, Spanish and Swahili.

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