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Westminster Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America located in Lancaster, PA. We exist to proclaim the good news of faith in Christ. We worship every Sunday at 8:00am and 11am. For more information please read Our Core Values.

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Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

The Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) has a deep belief and unbroken commitment to the value of every human life from conception to natural death. This core belief in the sanctity of every human life is based on our Biblical understanding that the special status and protection God gives to human life is founded upon His making man "in His own image" (Genesis 1:26, 27).

Over the past fifty years, there have been a growing number of legal, cultural and scientific challenges - - abortion, physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia, fetus selection, human cloning, etc. - - to the value and equality of every human life. The first major challenge came when the U.S. Supreme Court issued two decisions which opened the door to abortion-on-demand in our nation. In response, the Sixth General Assembly of the PCA reviewed the "Report of the AD Interim Committee on Abortion " which concludes:

"God in His Word speaks of the unborn child as a person and treats him as such, and so must we. The Bible teaches the sanctity of life, and so must we. The Bible, especially in the Sixth Commandment, gives concrete protection to that life which bears the image of God. We must uphold that commandment. There is a danger of weakening our witness by either retreating from an absolute ethic revealed in God's Word or by uncritically associating ourselves with a humanistic philosophy of right to life based on human wisdom. The Church as the repository of God's revelation must speak from that authority and must do so without compromise or equivocation."

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