Spring Sunday School Electives

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March, April, May 2024

Spring Quarter Begins on March 10.

1. New Members

This ten-week class is offered twice annually to present a broad introduction to church membership and the history, doctrines, and community of Westminster Presbyterian Church. We ask anyone interested in becoming a member of Westminster to take this class, regardless of previous church background. During this class you will have the opportunity to interview with a pastor and elders to give your testimony of faith in Christ and to join the church. You may also take the class for your own interest, without obligation.

Teachers: Dr. Chris Walker, Dr. John Barry, & Elder Rick Anderson

2. Holy Sexuality and the Gospel

One of the most necessary parenting tasks we face in today’s world is to lead our children and teens into a clear understanding of God’s good design for identity, sexuality, and gender. This class offers high school teens and their parents a chance to learn together as we watch and discuss Christopher Yuan’s video series, The Holy Sexuality Project. Each class will consist of Gospel-based video segments with prompted discussion in between. Topics include identity, temptations, desires, singleness, marriage, gender, and more. Parents of younger children are also invited to attend without their children. To preview the series, visit holysexuality.com

Teachers: Rev. Matt Collins, Elder Paul Rogers, & Dr. Walt Mueller

Optional Book: Holy Sexuality and the Gospel by Christopher Yuan

3. Romans 9-11

We will continue the study of Romans 9–11. God is free to do whatever he pleases. Only he can limit his freedom. When he makes a promise he binds himself to keep it. God says, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.” But he promises, “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Teacher: Rev. Steve Kline

4. Christianity in America (Steve Nichols Video Series)

Understanding the history of Christianity in America can help us live faithfully as a church and a nation, and to know the difference. In this video series, Dr. Stephen J. Nichols surveys the history of Christianity in America from a reformed perspective, so that Christians might learn from the wisdom and pitfalls of those who have gone before, in order to face the challenges of the present in a way that serves God as he intends.

Teachers: Elders Ben Barrall & Mark Bleecker

5. Reactivity by Paul Tripp

Homebuilders                                                                                     All are welcome to attend. 

How can Christians communicate wisely in a culture of outrage? Join us as we read and discuss Paul Tripp’s book, Reactivity. Tripp presents a biblical framework for communication around godly values. Improve your ability to manage your speech, your posture, and your social media to reflect your high calling as a follower of Christ.

Teachers: Dr. Dave Kieffer & various others

Book: Reactivity: How the Gospel Transforms Our Actions and Reactions by Paul David Tripp, available in class for $8.

6. Minor Prophets

Young Adults                                                                                    All are welcome to attend.   

Come and join us for a look at select readings of the Minor Prophets. We’ll be covering the historical and cultural context of the prophets, as well as how they relate to the greater narrative of redemption throughout the Bible. We’ll also learn how the Minor Prophets point to the coming of the Messiah for God’s people.

Teachers: Mr. Chase Reed, Elders Kyle Hunt & Mark Espenshade